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Rex Tibor is an American long-range rifle enthusiast whose dedication to the long-range shooting community has yielded one of the most comprehensive archives of extreme-long-range precision rifle equipment reviews and extreme long-range precision-rifle video tutorial series (freely available) to date.  Although Rex is best known as an authority on extreme long-range precision rifle shooting techniques and equipment selection, he has also provided supplemental instruction on various firearms, tactical gear, and other sporting equipment.

Growing up in the midst of the rugged western American ranching culture, Rex’s experience as a rifle marksman began when he was four years-old.   By the time he reached 10-years of age, he had expended multiple thousands of rounds of ammunition under the close supervision of his father, a US Armed Services veteran, who is an extremely proficient marksman of his own.  Precision-shooting and handgun proficiency was a skill Rex continued to develop throughout his teen years.

At 16-years old, Rex began work assisting in scientific research for a local university; he also moonlighted as a rock musician on weekends.   It was Rex’s early enthusiasm for exercising the Scientific Method - as well as expressing his showmanship skills as a performing musician - that equipped him with the skill set needed to effectively communicate the detailed intricacies of long-range shooting to others.  After completing his secondary-education, Rex left the nest and continued to refine his range skills both formally and informally in various capacities. 


Over the years, Rex has gained experience working with many professionals in the field where he was able to greatly expand his various skill sets even further.  Travelling the world, Rex has had the opportunity to learn from a variety of people in a multitude of environments and cultures.   He has benefited from the experiences of other accomplished professional shooters and instructors worldwide.  From Bisely to Brünig to Budapest, and from south central Asia to the Levant, Rex has observed - firsthand - the universal language of “the rifle” performed in various dialects.  He now enthusiastically shares his observations and experiences with you!   

Rex is also appreciative of his formal education in the Natural Sciences.  Rex’s experience in conducting scientific research, publishing scientific journal articles, as well as his various scientific and engineering-related work experience has equipped him to more thoroughly and logically articulate the dynamics of long-range precision-rifle marksmanship in his video tutorials, blogs, and now podcasts.  






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