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The communications of this website consist of our opinion, satirical commentary, and any other communications protected under our 1st Amendment Rights.  We are not providing any legal advice on any topic; please consult a lawyer if you need legal advice.  We are just normal folks sitting around having a conversation.


Any information presented on this website is intended for LAWFUL use only.  PLEASE do not attempt to make unlawful inquiries as we will report suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities.  The purpose of this podcast is to encourage LAWFUL ACTIVITY ONLY.  We aim to educate and entertain.  We do not encourage any unlawful use of any of the information communicated in this website. 


No participant of the REX REVIEWS PODCAST shall be held liable for any reckless or unlawful activity of any other person under any circumstance.   You are responsible for your actions.  We are here to make the world better, not worse.


Please enjoy our PODCAST!

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