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Episode 21 - The Inspiration of ELR

May 24, 2018

After a long season of back building, precision rifle training and epic road trips – the PODCAST returneth!  This incredible episode explores the nature of true dominance in a world of insecurity and empty posturing.  We also talk with Pastor Caleb to ask the eternal question, “What would Jesus brew?”  Rex rants about the technotronic circus that has displaced our culture while we were all asleep and finally Rex and guest star, Dimitri, do a speed round of long range Q&A!  Please share the good news and we hope to share many more episodes to come this year!

Episode 20 - Campfire Visit with Retired SEAL

January 10, 2018

Rex Reviews Crew sits down with Senior Chief Petty Officer (ret) Charlie Melton at CMP!  Rex, Lew and Kacie visit with the CMP crew about their precision marksmanship training program.  They then share campfire stories about being lost at sea, throwing grenades at the enemy and what wrong with kids these days.  In the “What If” portion of the show, Rex Reviews and Charlie Mike Precision discuss what rifle they would grab if they were all of a sudden dropped into the beginning of the movie Red Dawn.  What they choose may surprise you.  Enjoy!  For more info about training with Charlie Melton and his crew, please visit:

Episode 19 - To Run, or to Fight?

December 08, 2017

PODCAST Episode 19
Rex and Andrew from Melbourne Australia recall past adventures in the rugged American west and what it is really like to experience the danger of roughrider territory.  
In this questions and answers part of the show Rex and crew discuss the dark art of projectile dynamics and the various potential mythologies attached to transonic destabilization.  Is it real?  Listen to hear where Rex and crew currently subscribe concerning this sect of the ballistics community.
What if… the hammer finally dropped on American firearms owners in the form of a full confiscation? How would you react?  Rex and crew discuss the bleak reality of historical case studies applied to this hypothetical situation.  To run or not to run?  That is the question. 


Episode 18 - Survival of the Prepared

January 01, 2020


Rex Reviews returns from RX17 LIVE FIRE Class 001. Having gone through the fire, Kacie Day reviews the course and gives Rex Review’s first look at the AB Arms Mod-X rifle in .308.  Running an IOR Valdada 4-28 RECON mounted via the new IOR Rex Ninja QD Mount, Kacie Day rocked the steel out to 800 yards and beyond!  Our first look at this new rifle turned out positive.  Rex and crew discuss how it all went down!  Enjoy!   



What would you do to survive?

Rex and crew talk with G. Michael Hopf about the consequences of an EMP strike against the civilized world. What would happen if we suffered a devastating Super-EMP attack, which causes catastrophic damage to the nation’s power grid and essential infrastructures? Everything from cell phones to cars to computers cease to function, putting society at a standstill! With civilization in chaos people will quickly be fighting for the limited and fast dwindling resources. In this discussion Rex, Lew and Kacie talk a walk with Mr. Hopf through the sobering scenario of an EMP attack!



Rex Reviews talks with G. Michael Hopf, the acclaimed apocalyptic and best-selling author of THE NEW WORLD series is back with an exciting new and dark apocalyptic novel, DAY OF RECKONING.  For this “what if” portion of the show, we explore the consequences of a biological attack.  In the book, The Day of Reckoning the day started like any other, but it ended with the human race fighting for its very existence. It was a day of sorrow... A day of sacrifice... A day of death... A day of reckoning.  Enjoy!  Haha.

Episode 17 - The Power of Precison Rifle

October 12, 2017

Meeting with special guest Phillip Hotzen II from Charlie Mike Precision, Rex and Crew overdose on Americana in a post-BBQ extravaganza with Phillip! Enjoy!

Episode 15 - Behind the Scenes at RX17 with Val Leatu & Australia's .50 cal Champion

August 31, 2017

Peek behind the scenes as Rex Reviews interrogates Val Leatu from IOR Valdada!  From rock and roll behind the Iron Curtain to pony-propelled artillery, Val lays out his epic odyssey of bondage into the great Red, White & Blue.  Also, meet Sean McNally aka KangarooasaurusRex, Australia’s big-bore representative to RX17!  Listen in on the incredible, unfiltered discussion.

In part two of the show, Rex and Crew lay out the most bad-ass Bible study yet.  This ain’t your grandma’s Sunday-School discussion on prayer or heaven and hell… this flesh-melting exposition will force you to re-evaluate your priorities in this toddleresque peek-a-boo 3-dimensional blindfold we call “the known universe.”  Did God make the Devil evil, or did He screw up?  Listen to see what Rex thinks…

What if you knew you were going to drop dead tomorrow???   Rex and Crew escape this heavy conversation and entertain the idea of what animal they would choose to come back as IF reincarnation into wild beasts was possible.  Enjoy!

Episode 14 - RX17 Aftermath

July 02, 2017

RX17 was a complete bullseye!  Rex, Lew and Kacie sift through the aftermath and rubble of an idea gone critical mass.

In this episode Rex and crew answer questions on long range shooting.  Also, Rex shares his analysis of Lee Harvey Oswald’s firing position at the infamous School Book ‘Suppository’ ;-).  Rex’s view may shed some light on what really happened.

In this incredibly sexy Bible study, Rex, Lew and Kacie discuss family values and the anthropological superiority of the traditional roles in the continuance of homo-sapien through history.

The Purge.  Rex, Lew and Kacie discuss how they feel about this Hollywood Holiday of Havoc!  Enjoy!

Episode 13 - Rethinking the Modern Bolt-Action Rifle

June 11, 2017

Rex and Crew hit the ground running with long range precision rifle Q&A.  Kacie unloads on Google for their attempted hijacking of our analytics which leads to an explosion of fury unlike has been seen since the foundations of the PODCAST were laid!  Enjoy!


Special guests from Axial Precision join the crew in the Rex Reviews Studio for an extended discussion on the next evolution of the modern bolt action rifle.  Mr. Marc LeQuieu and Drew Foster expound upon their patent-pending expression of ballistic excellence as the Rex perches upon the apex of the microphone cooing in approval.  Hard-core heavy-hitting axially aligned forum of mind-melting euphoria ensues amongst these gun-nerds! 


In this unedited, unapologetic, rock and roll style, main veining Bible thumping rampage, Rex, Lew, and Kacie discuss how the homo sapien (becoming less ‘sapien’ every day) has been robbed of their most basic humanity.  Our voluntary injection into the belly of the Beast via electronic submission to the matrix has left us a cold hard shell of what our Creator intended us to be.  Rex discusses how the apocalyptic prophecies of old are good news to the good guys and really freaking bad news to the bad guys.  Multi-dimensional interpretation of these profound ancient communicatory templates reveals the infinite complexity of their unaltered cryptology. Not for the faint of heart or flaccid of faith….  Enjoy!


Rex, Lew and Kacie discuss their deepest darkest pop-culture influences and how they’ve raped our psyches and molded our perceptions of the world from a young age.   In this light hearted interrogatory melon-scooping exploration, the crew spills the beans on many details that shaped their understandings of the universe.

Episode 12 - God, Guns & Ghost Stories ~ Rex Reviews

May 22, 2017

In the questions and answers session Rex, Lew and Kacie talk about upcoming training events and what to expect in the future.  Rex then answers questions concerning the Law of God and whether or not people should try to make each other keep it.  Rex keeps it down to earth in this earnest expose of ecclesia!  

Are ghosts real?  And if so, can you shoot them?  In this discussion, Rex, Lew and Kacie share wives’ tales, ghost stories and explore the portholes of forbidden realms that Kacie and her cuckoo friends left open.  Why do kids play with black magic, and how does one clean up after getting messy in the occult?    

Rex, Lew, and Kacie discover their spirit animals, revisit their childhood dreams, and uncover other revealing tidbits in this personality ice-breaker exam! 

What if you could choose to possess a Super Power of your choice?   What would it be and why?  Join in the conversation in the FORUMS!

Episode 11 - The Secrets of Custom Rifle Building & Operation

March 30, 2017

In the questions and answers portion of the show Rex and crew talk about open carry laws, the Hearing Protection Act, USO ST-10 scope alternatives, free-floating AR-15s, open sights at long range, baptism, the Whore of Babylon, and much more!

In segment 2 of the show Rex, Lew and Kacie talk with Paul McCoy of PMAC Precision about what it takes to build a world-class custom rifle.

Segment 3 - Announcing the RX17 Long Range Precision Rifle Seminar!   Meet us in-person at Dallas on Father’s Day weekend!  Tickets available NOW!   Sign up before we are sold out!

In the “What If” portion of the show Rex, Lew, and Kacie discuss what they would do if they happened upon a Bill Gates-level fortune!  Rex and Lew are destroyed by their wealth and Kacie saves the children! 


Episode 10 - AK Operators Union & Rex on Animal Apocalypse

March 23, 2017

In Episode 10, Lew confronts Rex with the “Ted Nugent Conspiracy Theory.”  Rex neither confirms nor denies the allegations.  The Crew then takes questions and answers!  They discuss everything from the Bible to ballistics!


In the second portion of the show, the crew decrypts the socially-engineered matrix of the political compass online test.  Is Lew a Commie?!  Is Rex a White Nationalist?!  Is Kacie a racist?!  Join us for the wild, uncensored ride on this political merry-go-round!


Next, in this historic interview, Rex and Rob (from AK Operator’s Union Local 47-74) hash out their takes on the Kalashnikov-pattern rifle, DMR vs. traditional sniper applications of fire, and various other nuances of their craft(s).


Finally, Rob (and a surprise guest) join in for the “What If” segment of the show, in which all the animals simultaneously attack, seeking nothing but human flesh.  What’s their theoretical modus operandi?  Which animal do they fear the most?  Find out only in Episode 10!

Episode 9 - Tactical Peacocking, Emotional Intelligence, and the Folly of Modern Education

March 02, 2017

During the Q&A portion Rex and crew answer questions on; scopes for the SCAR-17, accuracy issues with suppressors, .22 LR for Long Range Training, Athlon Scopes, Lew’s Drink of Choice, Craziest Places Rex has Visited, Vortex Gen2 Viper PST line, 7mm-300 WM build, preferred brass brands for precision rifle reloading, killer EATR robot chicklet cocktails.

In the philosophical discussion, the crew discusses the gun culture throughout the world and tactical peacocking.  They also expound on the methodology of gaining wisdom through positive and negative experiences, and emotional intelligence.  The crew then rants about the folly of modern education and the value of our hard-wired natural developmental template of human progression during childhood and adolescence.  Rex gives his unfiltered opinion on the current public education catastrophe.

In the Rock ’n Roll Bible Study, Rex interviews a world-leading biblical literalist who represents a traditional view of the ancient Abrahamic religious perspective of the literal 6-day creation of this “uni-verse” (literally; ‘single spoken sentence’).   In this interview Dr. Kent Hovind expounds on how gradualism could be punctuated by catastrophism (i.e. Noah’s flood) and how a biblical flood could facilitate hydrologic sedimentation accounting for Charles Lyell’s ‘geologic column’ and the apparent sorting of fossils that scientists observe today.  The crew picks Dr. Hovinds brain on dinosaurs and on the fire-breathing dragons of ancient mythology. 

In the “what if” portion of the show Rex, Lew, and Kacie reveal which mythological beast they would be if they had the opportunity.  In this hilariously entertaining segment Rex also discusses the possible origin of the vampire and werewolf mythology.

Episode 8 - Sercret of the Greys REVEALED ~ Rex Reviews

February 26, 2017

Secret of the Greys REVEALED!

In the Q&A portion of the show, Rex and crew talk about; Eating bugs, our new FORUM, the SWFA SS 10X vs PA 4-14x44 R-Grid, Rex’s “Bush” survival tips, rifles for lefties, 7.62 NATO vs .308, temperature stable powders, the coming gun trends for 2017 and beyond, military surplus rifles, Obama era guns, gun forums and what drives their snobby attitude toward tier 1 equipment.  Rex also answers a very important Bible question and discusses the issue of evading the folly of apostate religious traditions.  Rex discusses the validity of some religious traditions such as communion replacing the Passover as well as 2nd Commandment issues like iconography and the danger of making other false gods for ourselves.

Psy-ops on crack!  In this all new conspiratorial portion of the show, Rex explains how the modern phenomena of Space Aliens has replaced the role of goblins and ghouls of ancient mythology and the demons and angels of religious tradition.  The crew also invites their guest, James, in on their discussion exploring the mysteries of the extraterrestrial narrative, sleep paralysis, supra-dimensional entities, demons and angels.  The crew also discusses many possible down to earth explanations from psychosomatic apparitions to psychological warfare.   Is it possible that the narrative of this universal ancient phenomena has been hijacked by the industrial war complex to subjugate and manipulate the populations of the world?  Rex and crew thoroughly flesh out how intelligent tyranny utilizes the potentially destructive feedback mechanism of the human mind’s tendency to sacrifice itself to its own darkest imaginations through projected holographic narrative. 

In the “what if” portion of the show, Lew, Kacie and James discuss what they would pay for privacy in a total surveillance society, while Rex escapes in a time machine to establish an empire and take on the tyrannical technocrats. 

Episode 7 - Two-Stage Thermonuclear Weapons & Cowboys ~ Rex Reviews

January 26, 2017

In the Q&A portion of the show, the crew discusses: show updates, scope giveaways, a new forum, Rex’s James Yeager hypothesis, gravitational variation with altitude, Vortex PST issues, varmint scope recommendations, wind elevation changes, Shepherd Scopes, the life of Rex, shower concert, scopes for 7mm magnum, MV Variations, NASA awards, and Long Range shooting classes.

In the next segment of the show, Rex explains the readiness of the current nuclear arsenal. Is it out of date? Should we worry about goat herders building a nuke in their tent (or cave!)? Pete Wiggleson also shows up to give a more colloquial explanation of the matter.

In Rex’s Bible Study, the crew starts with Genesis chapters one through three, prodding at the mysteries from a variety of angles.

Finally, in the “What If” section, they deliberate the implications of an economic collapse.  The discussion includes everything from evading cannibalism to eating your hamsters to survive the calamity.

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Episode 6 - Recticles for DMR Applications ~ Rex Reviews

December 22, 2019

In this show, broadcast from the Bermuda Triangle, Rex and crew answer questions on rifle scopes including: SWFA variables vs. Vortex Scopes, .308 cartridge issues for semi- automatic platforms, scopes for use in the woods, ACSS reticles, eternal progression and perspective of the soul, rifle weatherization, extreme cold weather issues, and terminal energy requirements for big game hunting. In the second portion of the show, the crew interviews Dimitri Mikroulis of Primary Arms to discuss revolutionary BDC reticle designs such as: the ACSS, the HUD, the DEKA MIL and the R-grid. In the Philosophical portion of the show, the crew discusses the dark matter hypothesis. In the final "What if" portion of the show, Dimitri throws a curve ball with his question on the threat of theme park tactical robots... Trying to eat your liver. O.o

Episode 5 - Strategic Thinking & Evading Engineered Conflict

November 20, 2016

In the Questions and Answers portion of the show, Rex, Lew and Kacie discuss topics such as:  what is the best Bible translation to use for study? Recommendations on finding a good Bible study group.  Can you purchase the SNIPER 101 series on digital format?  Are Alco bullets suited for long range hunting?  When do you have to change your bullet choice?  Making spreadsheets for cartridge selection.  Is the 200 grain ELD-X too heavy for .308 Winchester? Rifle selection; a general overview of the seemingly infinite options.  US Optics ST-10 VS IOR Valdada 10x44.  Military rifles for vintage sniper competition and ammo selection.  Shooting mats for winter and summer.  Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel.  When is neck turning your brass worth it?  Zeiss Victory V8 VS Nightforce ATACR.  Educating your children VS TV.  Scope recommendations for FN SCAR-17.  Carbon fiber wrapped barrels.  Military sniper drags bags reviewed.  Religious exclusivity and the history of Catholic Communion. 

In the meat and potatoes section of the show, the crew discusses “Thinking strategically.  How a greater understanding of engineered conflict throughout history can help you to evade being cannon fodder in the ‘cause célèbres revolution’ of our modern age.  Evading media manipulation and identifying Hegelian dialectic process in action.”

“What if…” - in this section of the show, Kacie puts Rex and Lew on the spot with a somewhat awkward hypothetical situation.  As much as Rex and Lew wanted to delete this portion of the show, Kacie managed to get it posted when they weren’t looking!  Enjoy this somewhat entertaining and exclusive insight into the deeper character of the co-hosts of the Rex Reviews PODCAST. 

Episode 4 - Sniper Training Options

October 30, 2016

In the first portion of this Rex Reviews PODACST, the crew addresses the “Questions and Answers” portion of the show where folks write in with many excellent questions regarding long range shooting, optics, peripheral equipment, and many other interesting topics!  Transonic stability, is it reality or myth?  Should kids sign up for college or the military when they finish secondary school? How should you keep your sniper’s data card?   Temperature stable powders, do they work?  Is the Desert Tech SRS a good rifle?  Are mercury recoil suppressors effective?  What is Rex’s opinion on the IOR Valdada TX Raider Scope? 

In the Long Range Review Section of the PODCAST, Rex discusses sniper training.  Who provides the best training?  What should shooters look for in a long range sniper course?  Where can you get the best sniper training in the world?  Military VS Law Enforcement sniper training.  Rex gives his opinion on what different courses have to offer. 

In this third section of the Rex Reviews PODCAST, the crew discusses an interesting scientific interpretation of spiritualism and the supernatural world.  What or who is God?  Does Rex really believe in God?  What is the soul?  What is heaven?  What is hell?  The Rex Reviews crew triangulates in on how these things might work. 

In the ‘what if’ portion of the show, the crew talks about Presidential Election 2016:  What are the consequences?  Rex, Lew, and Kacie discuss what is at stake and what to do if the wrong side steals power.

Part 1 of the show is the Q&A session:  Rex answers questions concerning the overall performance of SWFA’s new variable scopes and HD scopes, using density altitude VS temperature humidity and altitude, the 7mm Remington magnum VS the .338 Lapua Magnum, and range finding without the use of LASERs.  Also, Rex and Lew get set straight on their cussing.  Rex and Lew then discuss current social issues such as virtue signaling, a culture eagerly looking for an excuse to be offended, and other social stumbling blocks preventing us from fighting for righteousness in an imperfect world. 

In Part 2 of the show, the crew discusses the dreaded ‘Red Dawn’ scenario and the ideal Minuteman’s rifle.  Is the bolt action as effective as the semi-automatic for preserving Liberty?  Rex gives a general overview of how asymmetrical warfare has been waged in the modern world. 

In Part 3 of the show the crew asks if the bible was merely intended to be a set of instructions, or is there more to it than that?  Rex expounds on the true point of the Law and how this particular template of morality can amplify man’s biological fitness in a dynamic universe.  

Part 4, “What If”.   In this portion of the show, the crew discuss how they think they would respond if they stumbled across a UFO crash site with squealing aliens in distress strewn about the wreckage.   Lew passes and Rex failed the ‘Good Samaritan’ test. 

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September 22, 2016

In this episode, Lew, Rex and Kacie discuss how snipers select FFPs (Final Firing Positions) have been selected form a purely historical / informational perspective.  This will be invaluable information for LE, military, and other Sheep Dogs who need to know how to identify where a potential shooter could be firing from so that innocent lives can be saved.  Also discussed in this PODCAST: Can Bungee Jumping Kill Your Soul?  Grandpa fighting grizzly bears in the old country?  Genetic memory, ritualistic rites of passage, and collective epigenetic experiences will be analyzed in detail.  Segment 4 will discuss “Is the Bible meant to be taken figuratively or literally?   Rex, Lew and Kacie also get 5 minutes with each of the 2016 Presidential candidates!  Enjoy!

Episode 1 - Tactical Rifle Scope Hierarchy

September 22, 2016

Segment 1:  Introductions, the story of the Rex Reviews channel evolution, the mind blistering complexity of our technetronic age, the millennial generation.   Segment 2:  Tactical Scope Hierarchy.  Rex Reveals his true unfiltered opinion on popular brand names.  Segment 3:  What is the inner voice?  Where does it come from?  Why are people so terrible some times?  Rex, Lew and Kacie try to offer a balanced answer to these huge questions triangulating in from spiritual, scientific, philosophical, and anthropological perspectives.  Segment 4:  “What if?”  In this segment, Rex explains how sometimes  disengagement from the conflict and employing escape and evasion is the best way to win. 

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